Top 4 Reasons For Heartburn

Acid reflux and heartburn that accompanies it, is a very uncomfortable condition that tens of millions of people worldwide suffer each day. In this article, you will find what are the main reasons 4 for heartburn to avoid these in future.

While we know that we get acid reflux into the stomach acid leaves the stomach and enters the esophagus, and this occurs when the lower esophageal sphincter (the band of smooth muscle which normally seals the Union between the stomach and esophagus) does not work correctly.

The real question is: what causes this malfunction in the first place? What are the real reasons behind of acid reflux?

Reason for the # 1 – obesity acidity

The main reason for the number of cases GERD exploding in the last 20 years and acidity is due to the growth of obesity. All factors of lifestyle related to the acidity, obesity has by far and away the strongest link between acid reflux and heartburn.

Obesity causes more heart problems as it is one of the main causes of heartburn. If you are overweight and he is getting acid reflux, what could be the shape of your body tell you is the time to lose weight.

Reason for # 2 acidity: diet

Does not seem to comes with a surprise to anyone that the foods we eat can trigger heartburn. However, they were surprised to find that perfect acid reflux diet is not only based on the “good” foods to eat and avoid the “bad” foods.

Everyone responds to different foods, so a list of foods that are “safe” or “bad” will not be applicable in all areas. There are large variations among the people. Some people suffer from heartburn to eat fatty foods, while other get the acidity of sugary foods. Some people can handle spicy food and may not have daily, while others are exactly the opposite.


Perhaps the largest form of diet leads to reflux acid is in the amount of food you eat. Most people do not respond favourably to be very comprehensive. Overeating causes your stomach to expand, that increases the pressure within it, which leads to more pressure against the lower esophageal sphincter as food is trying to push their way out of the top of the stomach and cause acid reflux.

On the side, add in certain nutrients really can reduce stomach acidity. Use of supplements such as fish oil, in addition to ensure that the salt is iodized can improve acid reflux eventually. Mentioned in our article on acidity every morning, a high protein content food also can help reduce acid reflux.

Reason for acidity # 3: tobacco, Alcohol and caffeine

These three substances are the habit of many (personally I love coffee, in fact I’m drinking a cup as I write this!), but three of them can cause heartburn. There are some ways we can manage our vices and even reduce acid reflux.

You have a drink or two with dinner on Friday night is not likely that they give you heartburn that night, let alone the entire week. Alcohol becomes more than one contributor to acid reflux when drink regularly (a few drinks every day), excessive (binge 8 ++ drink), or both.

Smoking probably will always be a problem, the causes of heartburn on two fronts: through nicotine (believed that they stimulate acid production) and the cigarette smoke, which triggers inflammation.

Understand that nicotine is not a healthy substance and if you’re a smoker should be set to leave immediately. However, if you have no intentions of quitting, consider collecting an electronic cigarette. You can get these online and they are quite cheap. While you’ll still get the side effects of nicotine, the lack of smoke from the cigarette will reduce the inflammation in the body and may help reduce heartburn associated with smoking.

If drink coffee in fasting, I have acid reflux. However, I do not I can renounce coffee so easily. I have found to add a factor positive in this case a protein shake (protein enhances the them), can’t drink coffee without any problems. This may be something that you want to try if you’re not ready to give up coffee.

Reason for acidity # 4: medication, illness or injury

Although these may seem unrelated, these are three of the main causes of heartburn appears “out of the blue”. It is not uncommon for example to get acid reflux as a side effect of medication. On the other hand, some people experience reflux after falling ill, especially with a stomach virus, food poisoning or the flu. A third option would be to have some kind of internal injury, such as hiatal hernia, which increases their chances of obtaining reflux significantly.

If you do not have any history of acidity and suddenly that begin very regular acidity, you need to see a doctor and mention this immediately. Take note of any medication that may have started recently, including supplements and over-the-counter medications even.

There are a lot of reasons why people get acid reflux, but this list 4 superior covers the usual suspects. You can reduce a acidity significantly only by losing weight (if you are overweight), getting their diet and Vice under control and to pay attention to any sudden change in his health. See a doctor if you have acid reflux twice a week or more.




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