Symptoms of Acid Reflux Disease – What You Should Know

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Acid reflux or GERD is a severe gastrointestinal condition that affects 1 in every 10 adults in their lives. The disease is obviously very common, but often is.

If treated, it is usually treated with drug use that does not cure the problem. Drug treatment provides only a temporary remedy for the symptoms of acid reflux disease. Systems develop rapidly and can be extremely painful and disruptive.

GERD occurs when the liquid contents of the stomach into the esophagus travels. The food is not fully digested by acid and enzymes (chemicals that breakdown food aid to be used by the body) causing a build up of acid. The lining of the inflamed and damaged organ.

Damage results mainly a burning sensation in the chest behind the breastbone and the throat after eating. When this feeling persists every day for months at a time, acid reflux has been developed.

Acid reflux disease symptoms become very prominent after time. It is important that you seek medical attention as soon as possible. Symptoms vary from person to person or you may experience all of them. Most people suffering with GERD will experience considerable discomfort that affects the quality of life and activities of each day.

In severe cases, symptoms are extremely painful; equated to severe scarring of the esophagus. This makes it difficult to swallow and increases the risk of developing cancer of the esophagus.

The most common symptoms of acid reflux disease is heartburn. Acidity can be mild, moderate and severe or chronic. The symptom may appear several times a week to several times a day. Approximately 20% of adults will experience heartburn at least once a month and the symptoms usually occurs after eating.

This and other digestive problems occur when acid from the stomach causes irritation of the lining of the esophagus. Specifically, it is a painful burning sensation that begins in the upper part of the abdomen behind the sternum. It then travels from the diaphragm to the throat. This can be accompanied by a sour taste in food re – write your mouth.

Another symptom of GERD is regurgitation. Regurgitation is a digestive disorder without effort that leaves a sour taste in the mouth. The bitter taste is the food travels to the mouth.

It is the return of esophageal or gastric contents in the pharynx without previous signs of nausea, retching or contractions of abdomen. Victims of acid reflux usually regurgitate acid liquid mixed with small amounts of food.

Dysphagia is another symptom of acid reflux patients experience. Most common in adults, dysphagia is a term defined as “trouble swallowing”. Specifically, because the esophagus is irritated or scars, food or liquid is not able to transmit correctly from the mouth, throat and the esophagus.


Finally, chest pain is also common among the symptoms of acid reflux. Chest pain is caused by an unpleasant burning sensation in the chest. This recording is extremely painful and can last a few hours. In addition, the burning sensation can travel up in the throat mixed with a bittersweet taste. This feeling is worse if the person is immediately after a meal.


As you can see, acid reflux disease symptoms are intense. If not treated in a timely manner, can lead to another server conditions such as asthma, hypertension and cancer.


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