Some of the symptoms of acid reflux in infants

Acid Reflux Symptoms

Acid reflux in the newborn is quite mutual site, but its very difficult for an existing mother noticed it. Wide is seen in the form of “spitting”. In this condition food or the contents of the stomach comes back in the throat, making spit or spuing in the newborn. It can also generate contracted with coughing and sneezing again emerged.


It is very difficult to differentiate the acid reflux in the newborn. So it is best to consult a pediatrician at the early stage to detect the cause of acid reflux.
Acid reflux is caused due to travel the acid in the stomach back in the throat. There is no supply connection the throat and stomach and at the top of this tube there are small muscles ring that covers the upper part of this tube. This ring opens to release the gas after meals. But sometimes even the food or the contents of the stomach also passes through it, causing that the newborn vomiten all what has been consumed.


Acid reflux symptoms in the newborn:
Acid reflux may be normal in the newborn until the age of 6 to 8 months. But if you notice the symptoms for a long time it is necessary to consult a doctor. Is canned be cured with the help of appropriate advice of the doctor and adequate medicine.
Sleeping, problems in swallowing, weight loosing signal continuous crying, problems of eating, eat in small quantities, spitting and burping is some of the common symptoms that can occur in the newborn. These problems disappear with increasing age, but if they persist, you can start the necessary treatment under the guidance of a physician. But if the problem is not serious may be cured as it grows its newborn.


Prevention of acid reflux in the newborn:
At this delicate stage in the life of the baby parents can take some preventive measures to give their newborn baby a healthy life. Your doctor can ask to make some changes in eating habits or lifestyle of the baby, depending on the severity of reflux.


Tips to improve the health of the newborn are:


Breastfeeding: breastfeeding is best food for the newborn baby. It also reduces the possibilities of acid reflux. It also creates a link between the mother and the baby.


Correct to implement in order to keep your baby: hold the baby in the correct position while it feeds and keep vertical about half an hour after food. If the baby is awake deposit you in your stomach at an angle of 30 degrees.


Sleep right position: that the baby sleeping in the same inclination (30 degrees), on the back.


Feeding your baby at regular intervals: feeding your baby with small regular intervals will create less pressure on your digestive system and increase the power of digesting.


Making the burp baby: baby pass the gas between meals to keep in the erect position is also important.


Above are a few tips for healthy living and upbringing of a newborn baby.I Cured My Acid Relfux

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