Acid reflux disease – GERD – “Everything you need to know”

The most common symptom of acid reflux is heartburn, and of course, is that vile taste in the back of the throat when us burping. Considering the fact that the crowd Madison Avenue had been constantly bombarded us with TV commercials, praising the benefits of this or that remedy of acidity in the ‘miracle’, is not surprising that millions of victims suffer on a regular basis and simply him shrink away, thinking that they can not be serious.


But you can!


Heartburn we all have at one time or another. It is an annoying inconvenience, but it is a reality. Eating is fun also! Last week I went to a wedding and it was an acre of irresistible delicious goodies which are spread over a dozen tables. WoW! I stuck in as a contestant on ‘Survivor’ hungry with two pairs of hands.


I knew that it would probably pay for it later, but then I thought, what heck! A pair of ‘Tums’ or a mouthful of miracles acidity XYZ, and would be good. Or that would have us believe the ads. It sounds familiar, doesn’t it?


Here is the truth: acid of the stomach is a wonder chemical capable of digesting anything. Indeed, without it they die of hunger. But attentive if you get loose! Believe me, you can convert into a runaway beast of el infierno capable if you slowly tortured to death!


Especially if you have GERD. Then, my friend, you’re really in the high jump!


The clinical description says it all.


GER – gastroesophageal reflux disease (heartburn) GERD – gastroesophageal reflux disease


Common acid reflux or heartburn is a relatively mild ailment. However, if you have GERD, is classified as a chronic disease


Everything that matters to call it, this condition could lead to serious complications if untreated.


If you routinely get acid reflux twice a week or more, to change their lifestyle. If this does not help and the symptoms persist, better I would see your doctor right away.


Rest assured… the majority of people, including babies and growing children, suffer from acid reflux at some point in their lives, so relax! Having the occasional bout of acidity does not necessarily mean have GERD. For the same reason, not all victims GERD gets regular acidity, which is why I advise you to find all the symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux disease, just in case.


The lower esophageal sphincter


Mother nature did a fantastic job when he designed the stomach and digestive system.


After chewing and swallowing, food travels by a muscular tube called the esophagus. During this process, our digestive system performs a series of complex reflexive actions.


Firstly, the muscle esophagus incitement a series of contractions, causing a knock-on effect. This movement of bombs from the mixture of masticated food and saliva down with the help of gravity. Secondly, when the food reaches the entrance of the stomach, a nerve impulse fires, counting the stomach the food has arrived.


At the entrance of the stomach, mother nature installed a device to prevent acid from backup to the feeding tube and injuring to it. It’s a type of valve consisting of a ring of muscle that forms a sphincter.


This valve is called lower esophageal sphincter (or cut you).


When the sphincter detects the presence of food, briefly opens and then closes, allowing food pass without problems in the stomach… and begins the digestive process.


In order to break nutrients foods which can absorb the body, the factory chemical which we call the stomach first should be treated with a digestive corrosive liquid food. It is a mixture of hydrochloric acid, an enzyme called pepsin (this kick starts the process of digestion of proteins) and a trace of liver bile.


To avoid that we digest our stomach, intestine is coated with a complex mucous membrane that is impervious to acids and digestive enzymes… However, this protective layer it does not extend past the them.


The occurrence of heartburn
Occasionally after swallowing, the them quite not closes all the way. Sometimes even opens spontaneously or stays open too long.


When this happens, digestive acid backs up into the tube and attacks the interior wall of the esophagus without protection. This causes the discomfort we call ‘acid reflux’ or ‘heartburn’.


The sensation is unmistakable. There is a burning sensation behind the breastbone (or sternum), which may also radiate to the back; In addition to pain, each person is burping and taste a mixture of food an acid in the back of the throat.


In the case of the victim GERD, LES is defective. As a result, the frequency of the attacks could be increased to dangerous levels. In turn, this could lead to a painful disease known as ‘oesophagitis’ and ultimately, a disease potentially mortal called “Barrett esophagus”


GERD be cured by strengthening the them?


Bet! After adopting a sensible diet and make some lifestyle changes, mother nature normally reinforces the them for you. If it does the trick, surgery, such as fundoplication Nissen of the exciting new Linx technology, may be the answer.


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